Live Active Lake Mac is located in Eleebana on the east side of Lake Macquarie. It is owned and operated by Cath Nankervis.

I am committed to helping people of all ages develop the skills and confidence to become active and stay active though the course of their lives. I am an accredited running and strength and conditioning coach, a PE teacher, and has previously worked as a Podiatrist for 18 years. I enjoy working with people from all ages and stages of life. Live Active Lake Mac caters for people from 5 to 105.

Active Kids programs cater for school age children. It includes the GALS (Girls Active for Life Sessions), Run Club and Active Games Club programs. These are games-based sessions which are focussed on developing fundamental movement skills, fitness and confidence in a FUN and supportive environment.

Active Adults programs provide quality coaching to support people to participate in lifelong physical activity. I can provide running technique assessment and coaching, personalised running programs, strength and conditioning for running and triathlon, and general strength and fitness training for all ages. I am happy to help you discover the local area and add variety to your current fitness activity, or get you started in something new altogether.

ACTIVE KIDS provides quality programs to develop movement competence and confidence in children. The focus is on developing a love of physical activity, and the skills to participate for the rest of their lives.


ACTIVE ADULTS is about supporting people to participate in life long physical activity. If you would like support to start incorporating physical activity in your day, progress your current activity towards a specific goal, or add a bit of variety to your current training I can help.

GIRLS ACTIVE FOR LIFE SESSIONS are game-based, fun programs for girls focusing on developing movement competence & confidence in a non-competitive environment. 


Running comes naturally to some people, but for others it is more of a challenge. I am passionate about making running an activity that almost anyone can participate in. I love seeing the confidence and sense of accomplishment that comes when people achieve their goals.


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