Teen Fit & Kid Fit

Teen Fit: Open to 12-15yo. 60 mins of games to improve fitness, coordination and agility, followed by a basic resistance training exercise circuit. Small groups with quality coaching and feedback to ensure correct technique. A great session to complement winter sport fitness or as a stand alone fitness activity.

Kid Fit: Open to 8-12 yo. 45 mins of games which develop fitness and sport skills, and an introduction to basic body weight resistance exercises. With a focus on FUN and friends! Children who go to Eleebana Public School can come straight to the session and be supervised from 3pm. No Term 4 program.

Cost: Teen Fit $100 for 8 weeks starting week 2 of term

Cost: Kid Fit $100 for 8 weeks starting week 2 of term

Sessions held at Eleebana Public School. See timetable page for session times.


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